Central Colorado Humanists Hosting 
 Local Author Book Event Nov. 21

The Central Colorado Humanists and Vino Salida will host ‘Salida Sam’ at Vino Salida Wine Cellars  on Thursday, Nov. 21 from 4 to 6 p.m.

This event is a book signing sponsored by the Central Colorado Humanists and is open to the public, and will feature selected readings by the author, Steve Chapman, of Salida History Tours, as well  as  a short presentation on early Salida history. 
    Autographed copies are available for sale and  25 percent of all book sales that evening will be donated to Central Colorado Humanists.

Blood, Booze, and Whores, The History of Salida, Colorado, Volume 1: 1880-1881 is the first in an ongoing series written by Chapman. Shared through the journal of a fictional character, ‘Salida Sam’ Hayes, the book is 100 percent accurate historically. 

Early Salida was a wild west boomtown, filled with brutal conflicts, free-flowing whiskey, outlaws, fortune seekers, and shady ladies. The book follows Salida from an empty, dusty flatland to a railroad hub and center of commerce where settlers found misery as often as they did success.

At 254 pages in length, Blood, Booze, and Whores includes maps and photographs from early Salida, timelines of key historical dates, and a chronology of the lives of central citizens. 

Vino Salida is located at 10495 CR 120, Poncha Springs.

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