Colorado COVID-19 Positivity Rate above 5%

The following is the Response Update issued by Governor Jared Polis yesterday:

Today, Governor Polis shared some very concerning news. Colorado last week recorded more than 1,000 cases of COVID-19 in one 24-hour period, the most since March. Today the state saw another day with more than 1,000 cases, and alarmingly, the positivity rate is above 5%. On September 4, there were 132 confirmed COVID-19 hospitalizations in the state and on October 12 there were 288.

The World Health Organization recommended in May that the positivity percentage remain below 5% for at least two weeks before governments consider reopening. If we are successful in bringing coronavirus transmission under control, this threshold might be lowered over time. In order to further relax social restrictions and allow very large gatherings or meetings of people traveling from many different areas, we would need to achieve a lower threshold.

We need to get this under control now because we are heading into a perfect storm this winter: flu season, holiday travel, and cold weather that keeps people indoors. And we know how to do it.

To prevent the transmission of COVID-19, we need to get back to the basics, which means Coloradans should continue to:

Wear a mask;
Social distance whenever possible;
Wash your hands with soap regularly, and
Keep social activities or interactions with others outside, and encourage those you love to follow these precautions as well.

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