Substitutes Needed

Salida School District is looking for qualified applicants to fill our need for substitute teachers. We have watched as many communities have tried to offer in-person learning, only to immediately revert to sustained periods of remote learning due to a lack of strict precautions and a firm plan of action. Over the summer, our district spent countless hours updating our facilities and working with local public health officials to ensure that we were starting the school year prepared to safely manage in-person learning for much of this year. The district was able to navigate the first quarter of the year, yet this most recent episode of cases shows a need for more substitutes.

The biggest risk to sustained in-person learning is a lack of reserve staff to properly prepare for the inevitable difficulties that will arise. This means we need your help! Our plan is only as good as our people, and we recognize the need to better support our incredible staff. Managing a pandemic in a small town means coming together through volunteerism and trust to do whatever is needed. Substitute teaching for the district this year means more than just supporting students when their primary teachers are out of office. This is an opportunity to be a part of a unified system that is working to set standards for how to respond to a pandemic in rural towns. The past year has been difficult emotionally and physically, but we are proving that Salida is not defined by what happens to us, but how our community responds. We would love for you to consider being a part of our team that is committed to serving and moving forward with a positive outlook and tangible goals to better our students.

For more information please contact Shannon Scheffel, Payroll, at 719-530-5209 or email [email protected]

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