Salida Mountain Trails Seeks New Executive Director

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Salida Mountain Trails (SMT) was founded in 2004 to address the need for developing sustainable, multiuse non-motorized trails to replace a network of user-created social trails. By 2013, SMT had constructed and/or maintained 23 miles of trail and had organized as an all-volunteer not for profit 501c3 organization with a board of directors. In the past 8 years, we have obtained approvals, raised considerable funds, and have been awarded 2 large grants - which have enabled us to grow our system to 57 miles of trail that we continuously monitor for improvements and maintenance. Presently, SMT has a very active engaged board of directors, active volunteers, over 250 paying members, and a growing number of business sponsors. In order to continue our ongoing accomplishments and to take our organization to the next level of success, we are seeking a part-time paid Executive Director (ED).

ED Position Overview:

Our ideal candidate is a passionate trail user who inspires, motivates, leads, and sets a collaborative inclusive tone for the organization to advance our mission of maintaining existing and creating future trail development of our Arkansas Hills and Methodist Mountain Trail systems. Our ED will have qualifications and experience as detailed below under ‘ED Qualifications’, and will report to and take direction from the Board of Directors. SMT has 2 key committees lead by board members and supported by volunteers (Fundraising Committee and Trails Committee), and our ED will work closely with and fully support those committees to achieve their goals. Our ED will need to demonstrate high initiative and a quick learning curve in fulfilling each of the leadership/management, fundraising, trail planning, and communication responsibilities - as detailed below under ‘ED Responsibilities’. Lastly, this position will certainly be challenging, but we also want it to be fun - as there is much potential for growth, fulfillment, and satisfaction in working for a great organization doing awesome things for our community! Status/Compensation:

The ED position will be considered as half-time (1040 hours per year) and will enter a 1099 independent contractor agreement with SMT – not employee. Contract can be terminated by either party at any time. Starting compensation will range $25,000 - $35,000 (works out to a range of approximately $25 to $33 per hour) based on applicant qualifications and experience. Approved expenses such as vehicle mileage will be reimbursed. There is also future potential for more hours and/or compensation based on SMT’s financial stability and growth over time. Payment will be equal monthly amounts, but our ED will be required to manage work load over more vs. less demanding months of the year (summers busier the winters).

ED Qualifications:

  1. Nonprofit and organizational leadership experience - highly desirable.
  2. Demonstrated ability to fundraise, set/manage budgets - highly desirable.
  3. Excellent verbal and written communication skills, including public speaking and writing for publication. This position will
  4. be the voice for the organization.
  5. Ability to balance competing objectives and possess/demonstrate excellent time and project management skills. Stays
  6. organized, meet deadlines.
  7. Skills and capability to plan/lead/facilitate meetings and complete all related follow-up.
  8. A passion for human powered trail use/experience, and a passion SMT’s mission and vision.
  9. Proficient in MS Office, google docs, social media applications, and other relevant computer applications.
  10. Tact and respect in timely response to common inquiries, suggestions, or complaints from community members, local
  11. media, local business community, city/county leaders, or land managers.
  12. Good driving record, must hold a valid driver’s license and maintain a reliable vehicle for travel.

ED Responsibilities: Leadership & Management

• Support, develop, and maintain, a strong Board of Directors. Engage with each responsible board member to execute the goals of the organization’s Trail Committee and Fundraising Committee, and set and achieve short, medium, and long- term goals for each committee.

  • Plan and execute board meetings and committee meetings and be responsible for task follow-up, take/publish minutes.
  • Engage and involve new interested people both as future board members and volunteers.
  • Engage with the board to develop a strategic long-term plan with achievable and attainable goals, and work to meet those
  • goals.
  • Actively participate in regional groups that the board deems appropriate/important for our growth and viability.
  • Examples: Recreation in Balance and regional trail advocacy groups/organizations.
  • Fundraising
  • Take direction from the Fundraising Committee as necessary to actively support and grow those efforts.
  • Maintain and execute existing revenue generating sources and fundraising activities.
  • Expand fundraising sources – private donations, businesses, foundations, grants.
  • Work with city and county to maintain and expand funding.
  • Write, obtain, administer grants to fund new trail and infrastructure projects. Trail Planning
  • Take direction from the Trails Committee as necessary to support their efforts and provide follow-up as needed to support both trails maintenance and planning efforts.
  • Learn and participate in the land manager approval processes. Communication
  • Provide effective communication to the board – keep all informed of pertinent/timely info.
  • Provide timely public communication via social media, email, web, and printed media.
  • Provide ‘thank yous’ as appropriate to high level supporters, sponsors, and partners.
  • Seek out and provide PR opportunities to keep our volunteers and funders engaged.
  • Maintain/update webpage and Facebook page.
  • Maintain/manage online SMT document storage.
  • Communicate with volunteers to record volunteer hours and provide to land managers annually.
  • Application/Proposal Process:
  • This is not a simply send us your resume to apply deal. You will need to submit a proposal as follows. Proposals will be accepted until end of day, Friday April 30, 2021. Send your proposal to [email protected] For any questions or further information regarding this process, also email this same address. The heart of your proposal will directly address the 9 ‘ED Qualifications’ as stated on the first page of this document by describing how your skills, interests, and experience directly relate/apply to each of the 8 ED Qualifications.
  • Application Format:
  • Your application must include the following 4 items in the order listed:
  1. Cover letter - The letter should include contact information and your introduction, including why you want the ED
  2. position.
  3. ED Qualifications - Describe your qualifications, skills, and experience as it directly relates and applies to each of the 9 ‘ED
  4. Qualifications’.
  5. Work History – List previous employers, duration, duties, and reasons for leaving.
  6. References – Provide 3 references (name, relationship, contact information) for two professional references and one
  7. personal reference.

Selection Process:

  • SMT Board of Directors will review all proposals received and rank the proposals with respect to ability to meet SMT needs.
  • The three top ranked proposers will be notified and asked to complete an interview with the SMT Board.
  • The SMT Board will then select the proposer considered the best to successfully meet the qualifications and complete a
  • contracting agreement.
  • SMT reserves the right to make no selection and restart the proposal process.
  • SMT provides equal employment/contracting opportunities to all people regardless of race, age, sex, disability, marital

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