Earth Day (Week) Celebration, Digital Parade of the Species Planned Friday

After a year of many changes, local volunteers with 350 Central Colorado have decided to drop their affiliation with the Boulder-based state organization, 350 Colorado, and strike out on their own, as an independent non-profit.  

“We started to notice this year, that the environmental issues we are dealing with locally, and how we organize in our community, were much different realities than what volunteers in Boulder and Denver experience.” said Angie Thompson, volunteer coordinator. “Our leadership team is excited to become the Centra Colorado Climate Coalition and focus on the community-building, regional aspect of our organization. Climate protection goes well beyond fighting fossil fuel extraction, especially in our local area.”

Central Colorado Climate Coalition’s first event as a new non-profit will be to carry on the traditional Earth Day Parade for the Species they have hosted for 5 years as 350 Central Colorado. Due to the ongoing concerns around Covid-19, the parade will be held in a virtual format this year, with the community invited to come in costume  (and mask!) to Box of Bubbles on Friday, April 23 between the hours of 10 a.m. and 1 p.m. to film themselves as participants in the digital parade. Pick a 15 minute time slot such as 9:00 am, 9:15 am, 9:30 am, 9;45 am, 10:00 am, etc and email Ken Brandon [email protected] with your first 3 choices and a phone number, and he will get back to you.

The outdoor area will be decorated, and safe to the public to come and share refreshments, laughs, and their best Earth Day costumes and messages for the film. All the footage from the afternoon will be compiled into a movie that will be shown on a variety of sites. 

Don't forget your costume! Bugs, butterflies, bees, animals, giraffes, flowers! Signs welcome: "Save the Earth!" etc. 

The filming and fun at Box of Bubbles will also have a bittersweet element, as CCCC is sad to announce that one of its beloved, founding members, Robert Parker, recently passed away at his home in Coaldale. As part of a celebration of his life, his love of fun and art, and his commitment to caring for and protecting our environment, there will be an opportunity to honor “Bob” where community members can leave notes and effects to be sent home with his family. 

Now more than ever, feeling the loss of one of our most active members, Central Colorado Climate Coalition is also calling for volunteers to join their membership. “Whether you have 15 minutes or 15 hours of time to give, I can find something fun for you to do!” says Angie Thompson. “The climate movement is for everyone, from kids to retired folks. 

Working together for a better environment in our valley builds special connections with people, and gives you a sense of responsibility in taking care of our home.” CCCC has a variety of volunteer options that account for social distancing, and are kid and family friendly. Volunteer projects include creating art to help spread awareness about climate protection, community clean-ups, hosting film nights, and working with political groups for better environmental laws.  

You can find a link to their volunteer sign up form here: (Angie will link) and on their Facebook page at

As we approach the 2021 Earth Day, with local discussions of the Nestle water renewal and the end of the free recycling service for Chaffee County, we are at an important crossroads with climate change, drought, and taking action to protect and preserve our natural resources. There is no more important time than now to come and take a stand for our Mother Earth. Box of Bubbles presents a virtual PARADE FOR THE SPECIES!  

Won't you come and join the parade, celebrate our Mother Earth, and make your voice heard?

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