"Earth's Future: More Fire and Less Ice” June 6 Humanists Science Sunday Program

Climate change is already impacting life around the globe. Global warming caused mainly by the burning of fossil fuels is not only the greatest challenge we will face - it will be our grandchildren’s greatest challenge as well. 

The dynamic study of climate change is the next topic for the Central Colorado Humanists Science Sunday presentation on Zoom on June 6. The program will be presented by Dr. Mitch Wagener

In a warming world, we have already seen more severe weather events, rising sea levels, greater wildfire danger and more. Very soon, experts say, more people around the world will be displaced. “Climate refugees” will be a challenge to global governments and social stability. 

The study of climate change is developing very quickly. Significant new information is coming out, literally every day. This Science Sunday talk will explain the basics of climate change but also mix in some of this new information to deepen our understanding of the world and our future.

Dr. Mitch Wagener has been teaching ecology, climate ecology, and related courses at Western Connecticut State University in Danbury since 1996. In 2019, he received the Aquarion Environmental Champion Award, Individual Communication category. That same year Dr. Wagener received an official citation from the Connecticut General Assembly for his efforts in climate change education and community service. His research interests include the impact of historical events—such as the Industrial Revolution—on the environment.

Mitch began life in the Midwest, growing up a barefoot boy in the Ozarks and attending high school in Branson, Missouri. After spending a year as an exchange student in Thailand, he attended the University of Missouri, where he completed an undergrad degree in Fisheries and Wildlife. After college, he moved to Fairbanks, Alaska to attend graduate school. Mitch received a masters degree in Stream Ecology and a doctorate in Soil Ecology during his 13 years in Alaska.

The program will begin at 10 a.m. on ZOOM, with time for questions after the presentation.

The ZOOM link can be found on the Central Colorado Humanist website: CentralColoradaHumanists. org and the link address is:


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