Humanist Aug. 1 Sunday Science Program to Focus on Food and Climate Change

Climate Change and Our Food Systems will be the next Central Colorado Humanists Sunday Science program on Aug. 1, from 10 a.m. - noon.

Dr. Cindy Parker will present “Our Food Systems: Moving from Climate Change Problems to Climate Change Solutions—and Getting Healthier Along the Way”

This talk will briefly review the history and current status of our food systems, including their effects on climate change and our health. The program will also take a brief look at how the effects of climate change on food systems have already contributed to hardship and migration around the world. 

Dr. Parker will focus on which specific foods and practices currently contribute the most to climate change and discuss alternatives that are better for human health and cause fewer greenhouse gas emissions.

Dr. Cindy Parker received her MD degree from the University of Arizona and practiced Family Medicine in the wilds of New Mexico and Alaska. 

Realizing that she wanted to keep people healthy, she did a second residency in Public Health and Preventive Medicine at Johns-Hopkins University, earning a Masters in Public Health with a focus on the health impacts of climate change before joining the faculty at Johns-Hopkins. 

Recently retired, Parker said she loves living in this gorgeous place, hiking, biking, and gardening – and still teaches the occasional course in climate change and health.

The program is available on the Humanist website: or here: 

Central Colorado Humanists sponsor Sunday Science presentations on the first Sunday of each month. Each presentation is informative and features a science topic understandable by both scientists and non-scientists. The program will start promptly at 10 a.m., followed by a question-and-answer period. Archives of past programs are available on the Humanist website.


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