Walden Chamber Music Society is Chaffee County Women Who Care's 3rd Quarter Recipient

Walden Chamber Music Society has been bringing live classical music concerts to the Steam Plant with world-class musicians since 2003. That is their major mission. Their other missions reflect their desire to promote interest in classical music with all the students in this valley.

Because of Covid these past two plus years, Walden has been able to fulfill all of its missions but is now financially stressed. Walden asked Women Who Care for this grant of $13,750 to, among other things, allow it to provide a free ticket ($20 value) to any adult accompanying one child or more to any given concert. Walden has always given free tickets to students.

Walden plans to use a good portion of this award to expand its “Helping Hands” mini grants of $300 for music teachers in our local schools who all too often find their budgets leaving no margin for extras. These mini grants have helped teachers get band instruments repaired and sent students to state competitions. One of Walden’s dreams has been to expand these grants to help financially strapped families to be able to afford to rent a band instrument for their student.

Walden always awards one or two scholarships to valley students pursuing further studies in music, music ed, or music therapy. This money will help bolster that mission as well.

Foremostly, though, Walden is excited to have this money to pay their concert musicians to go to the BV and Salida schools to perform live for the students at least once, if not twice. In the past, when Walden was able to do this, the students were wildly enthusiastic. There is nothing like a live concert.

Walden Chamber Music Society is profoundly grateful to Women Who Care.

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