The Art of Penning the Holidays

You are invited to the Chaffee County Writers Exchange First Annual Cocoa-Loco Fireside Holidays Writers Session

Winter in the northern hemisphere is short a few hours of daylight and a few degrees of warmth. When you're a people-watcher like me, the scene unfolds like a flipbook - each page a day, each day shorter than the one before it and each person responding to the dimming light accordingly. Some of us struggle with the lack of light. Photons being a great source of energy, we have to find other ways to boost our moods and immune systems. If we catch a cold or flu in the fall, our journey is doubly difficult. It's easy to feel down or cranky, but did you know there are actually people who can smile through just about anything? I have seen them with my own eyes! They are out there, and they are amazing! You can find them in the grocery store offering to help you carry bags to your car. They're in restaurants asking if you'd like a refill in your coffee mug. They're in your bank offering a piece of candy with your transaction. And they're smiling!

They're smiling as though it was a sunny summer day. They're smiling even though their days are shorter and they might have a scratchy throat or itchy nose. They're smiling even though they might have three kids at home with the flu and less cash for stocking stuffers than they wish they had. They're smiling despite the stack of bills and dirty dishes. They're smiling, not because life's a bed of roses, nor because they have to - they're smiling because they can. They're smiling because they know the secret - that a smile is worth a thousand photons! A smile can light up a room and it can light up a life. So come and share some smiles with us - get some, give some - and get lit up at the Chaffee County Writers Exchange First Annual Cocoa-Loco Fireside Holidays Writers Session on Tuesday, December 15th from 5:30 p.m. to 8:00 p.m. at the Creekside Gathering Place, 203 Cedar Street in Buena Vista.

This is a free writing session sponsored by the Chaffee County Writers Exchange. Come write "Natalie Goldberg" style about holidays, winter, and the turning of the ages with us, AND get to hear about some of the exhilarating Writing Sessions and Workshops we are planning for 2016! Bring paper & pen or laptop, a holiday treat and a smile to share with all, and we'll provide the hot-hot chocolate and writing prompts! I'll be smiling to see you there!

Jen Sweete Owens
CCWE President

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