City Council tap fee reduction request for The 505 apartments

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Hello friends.

On Tuesday October 4, Joe and I are going to appear before City Council to ask for consideration of a reduction in tap fees for our apartment project at 505 Illinois Ave, called The 505. The 505 is a 19 unit apartment complex that will open in the spring of 2017. Rents will be appropriate for those in the 80% AMI (Area Median Income) range, sometimes referred to the "teachers, tellers, and cops" range. This is purely a free market project and we are using our own money to build it. There are no government subsidies or support.

We are not asking for any freebies. We are asking for the Council to consider the language in the Utility Code and decide in our favor. We hope that they rule in our favor and set a precedent which can be used by others who are working hard to build attainable housing in our community.

If the Council agrees with our presentation and interprets the existing Code as we do, it will save us about $30k in up front costs, as well as savings every month of our utility bills forever.

I have attached a link to the packet for the Council meeting on October 4. Our presentation begins on page 32. We lay out the situation and include excerpts from the Code that support our position.

Do you want to help? There are three ways you can help. First, come to the meeting and say a few words during the public comment section of the meeting in support of the project and ask Council to make a small step towards making it easier to build attainable housing in Salida. Second, take three minutes to shoot your Council people an email saying you support our project and would like Council to rule in our favor. You can find email addresses for Council members on the City of Salida website under Elected Officials. Third, leave a comment right here and I will print it out and take it to the Council meeting on Tuesday.


Link to packet:


  • Paige and Joe are making a commitment and statement with The 505. So far council has been talking the Talk, but not walking the Walk on the topic of affordable housing. By approving Paige's and Joe's request council will begin to show their commitment to this important issue in our community. Are you listening City Council? PJ Bergin

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