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About this Fundraiser
In honor of #GivingTuesday, the money we raise for this fundraiser will be matched up to $1,000 by the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, and Facebook is waiving all fees. Please support our cause, and your donation can be doubled!

In 2012, Arkansas Valley Ambulance (AVA) was a highly successful, financially viable, all-volunteer agency, serving over 500 square miles of rural Colorado with a 98% response rate and a financial surplus of $75,000+. That year AVA was subjected to a hostile takeover by unscrupulous individuals who, in three years, ran the ambulance into the ground, spent the entire $75,000 surplus AND ran up a debt of over $100,000 mostly to pay themselves to sit around 24/7 on call. Private residents filed a lawsuit (at their own personal expense), and after a protracted legal battle and over $125,000+ legal fees, the court found in favor of the plaintiffs and returned the ambulance service back to its community. AVA is back is service, once again run by volunteers, and responding to its community's calls for medical help. But faced with the almost insurmountable debt left by the unscrupulous few--poorly maintained equipment, expired medical supplies, a new building, thousands of dollars of unpaid vendor bills--it's still only limping along financially. We need the public's help to restore AVA to the viable, successful organization it was only four years ago! Thank you!

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