CPW Nails Bill Dvorak for poaching, AGAIN

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From today's Mountain Mail:

Colorado Parks and Wildlife district wildlife officer Sean Shepherd issued Bill Dvorak a citation Saturday for five violations related to the illegal hunting of an elk on private property near Nathrop.CPW Area Wildlife Manager Jim Aragon said Shepherd cited Dvorak in the field for illegal take of game, illegal possession of game, failure to maintain evidence of a game animal’s sex, waste of edible game and unlawful transfer of a hunting license. The total fine for those violations is $4,471.50. Dvorak has 15 days to pay the fine. If he chooses not to pay, he will have a mandatory court appearance in Chaffee County Court.
Dvorak told The Mountain Mail he will take the citation to court and had no further comment. Under Colorado statutes, the violations carry an assessment of 55 hunting license suspension points and trigger a mandatory review of Dvorak’s privilege to obtain a Colorado hunting license in the future.At the time of the violations a hunting season for cow elk on private lands was in effect. That season runs from Sept. 1 through Jan. 31.
“We investigated a situation involving an elk. During the course of that investigation we found evidence that showed probable cause that a violation had occurred. Colorado Parks and Wildlife issued a penalty assessment, which is a written citation, to Bill Dvorak,” said Aragon.This is the second time in 10 years that CPW has issued Dvorak a citation for elk hunting violations.CPW cited then County Commissioner Jerry Mallett, who was hunting with Dvorak on Dec. 29, 2006, with the unlawful take of a cow elk and with unlawful hunting in a game unit with a license restricted to another unit in connection with the killing of a cow elk on the property of Ethel Bertschy near CR 260. The agency cited Dvorak for being complicit in the same offenses and charged Dvorak with the same license suspension points and fine applied to Mallett, $1,438.Both men declined to dispute their citations in court and each paid the fines.
Dvorak owns and operates Dvorak Expeditions in Nathrop and was an unsuccessful candidate for Chaffee County commissioner in 2016

Aren't you glad that you voted for Greg Felt !!

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