Christo - Over The River statement

"After pursuing Over The River, Project for the Arkansas River, State of Colorado, for 20 years and going through 5 years of legal arguments, I no longer wish to wait on the outcome.

I have decided to devote all of my energy, time and resources into the realization of The Mastaba, Project for Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates, which Jeanne-Claude and I conceived 40 years ago.

I have been fortunate to work with many dedicated Colorado residents as well as Federal and State agencies who have been a part of Over The River. I am grateful to everyone who was part of this journey."


  • Good thing, there's very little to screw up in the United Arab Emirates, past sand, your "art" should be wildly successful !!

    Folks will flock from all 4 corners of the earth to see the stack of painted trash cans.. Oooohhhh, Ahhhhhh........

    The art world is apparently beside itself, calling this "Irrational and Useless"

    Best wishes in your future endeavors.


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