Housing Policy Advisory Committee of Chaffee County

The Housing Policy Advisory Committee (HPAC) is a group working together to improve the housing situation in Chaffee County. We are a varied group of volunteers. Some people are in social services, some are in development, some are in municipal and county roles, and we are all concerned about the lack of safe, appropriate housing in the County for many of our citizens. We post updates and information on our facebook page, Housing Policy Advisory Committee. Some of the stories are local, some are regional, and some are from national sources that show how other communities have come together to address their own affordable housing crises. If you want to learn more about the area of affordable housing, please LIKE us on facebook.


  • Is there a report that identifies and quantifies critical factors such as the number of affordable housing units needed in Salida or BV or the county for the next x years, the number of people and number of families requiring affordable housing, sizes (I.e., sq. ft.) of affordable housing living unit required, the range of monthly rent or mortgage cost for affordable housing?

  • Yes, there is a report and here is the link to it. Interesting that the latest task force run by the mayor chose NOT to read this document or to rely on it for their report that came out 2 days ago!


  • The link from billtoo takes you to the Chaffee County Housing Needs Assessment that was paid for by Chaffee County and municipalities. The report shows that the fastest growing job sector is in the service industry, with lower than average wages. We are behind on housing our lower income people, and we are falling farther behind every year. The Mayor's Task Force made a short term goal to make some minor changes to code to encourage builders and developers to build more multi family housing. At the February 8 Council meeting, several people commented during the public comment section about the task force report. In short, the speakers said that the recommendations may encourage more multi family housing to be built, but without any requirement to make them affordable then the builder/developer could use the code changes to build fancy apartments that rent for $2000 and that won't help the problem at all. Also, Theresa Gilson from the Salida Early Childhood Center spoke eloquently about how our poorer families are disappearing due in part to the lack of appropriate housing. This has a ripple effect on the community as these kids and their families leave our community. The relevant public comment starts at 11:00 and ends at 27:00. Here's the link:

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