Stop 18-Wheel Trucks from Going Through Downtown

We continue to be distraught by the numerous, huge, noisy, dirty, dangerous, stinky, offensive 18-wheel trucks roaring through downtown Salida.

So I emailed CDOT, noting the sign at 291 & Hwy 50 prohibiting truck traffic through downtown, & politely brought to their attention the problems these truckers are causing, in spite of the posted signs.

Just a few days later, I was pleased to receive a phone call from Chris from CDOT saying that she's workingon this issue! She researched the rules & sent "her guys" out to verify the signs. The guys found that the signs have been taken down! She
acknowledged that the trucks should not be allowed to pass through downtown & should follow highway 50 around town instead.

She pledged to get the signs replaced so that enforcement is again possible. Chris also committed to calling me back with updates on her progress.

I hope you'll all join me in contacting CDOT to politely share your concerns about these huge trucks rolling through our town. These trucks are wearing out our roads, damaging the aesthetic of our town, destroying our property values & endangering everyone who tries to enjoy downtown Salida. Contact CDOT here:

The next step, once the signs are replaced, will be to implore state & local police to enforce the law, ticketing the truckers & spreading the word that they are not legally allowed to travel through town. I hope you'll help with this effort as well. I'm encouraged that it's possible to make this change!


  • Thanks for taking this on again. Truck traffic seems to have increased recently. I followed your suggestion to contact CDOT. I'm afraid some of this is local earth-moving/construction traffic that somehow gets dispensation from local authorities.

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    Thanks for working on this. It seems to me that directing large trucks through Poncha compared to downtown Salida is not a very big inconvenience for the trucking companies. I contacted Salida Police Chief Terry Clark back in November and he didn't know of any solution to an alternative route around Salida. The email chain is below:

    Hi Mr. Clark. I manage Wood's Distillery in dowtown Salida and have noticed the large amount of large trucks or heavily loaded tractor trailers that travel through Salida every day which creates pollution, added noise, a safety hazard and they contribute to the terrible surface on 1st St. as well. I researched truck restrictions in other Colorado communities and they are numerous. It seems to make sense to restrict large truck travel in Salida to local deliveries only as to eliminate these problems.
    What are the steps that we need to take as citizens to find out if this is a possibility? And do you know who should we contact to start this process?

    His response was
    Hi Rocky,, I have read your e mail and am very aware of the concerns. The trouble is Hwy 291 is a State Road so we cannot limit their travel through the City. The State could do this but unless we have like a By-Pass through (which we don’t) the State would not do this. I have talked to them about this in the past.
    The City designates Hwy 291 and Hwy 50 as the through routes.
    The Local CDOT number is 530 8005

  • A woman at CDOT called me back and said investigators report signs limited truck traffic through town had been removed. She is asking local law enforcement the circumstances around their having been removed and coordinatiing with local law enforcement to have them reposted. Citizen followup seems in order.

  • Lots & lots of citizen follow up is the only thing that will make a difference. Everyone please call or email at the above contact info. Please let CDOT know that we care so that the signs are re-installed. Then, we'll need to follow up with law enforcement. This will really make a significant, noticeable difference in our town! Thanks to all!

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