Unlock Your Heart! And Lock In!

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"Unlock Your Heart!" Event by Jimmy Descant and The Rogue Lot
Moonlight Pizza sign on the corner, 242 F St. - Event 5-6 Friday Feb 6, Official UNVEILING at 5:30 - For our community of artists who have exponential heart, I and The Rogue Lot present to the people of Salida, the first in a series of acknowledgement of ALL the arts and Creatives who thrive on soulful expression. Please bring a lock, keychain, carabiner, etc.; even locks that are locked with no key to be a part of an extraordinary social experiment in the name of art, and heart. Jimmy will be collecting keys as well, for another piece of art later. Family friendly, and we request that everyone start with just ONE lock per person for this unveiling event, and we will go from there.... leaving room in our hearts and community for those who come to this special place as so many of us have... by divine providence.
After the event - All folks are invited to walk down F St. to view a new display of "Robot Hearts" by Jimmy at his new gallery rep, Eye Candy Gallery; and to see the exhibition of heart art "I Hold You In My Heart" by fellow Rogue Lot-ers Mariah Sutherland and James Brown, at Little Cambodia, 6-9. SALIDA ARTISTS HAVE HEART, WE CAN MAKE HEARTS, AND WE CAN SHARE OUR HEARTS!


  • Thanx for coming out, art lovers and citizens! This will be an ongoing progressive installation for all to add to the Heart of Salida.

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