Rob Bishop’s $50 million land giveaway budget request

CENTER FOR WESTERN PRIORITIES, DENVER—In response to Friday afternoon’s budget request from House Natural Resources Committee Chairman Rob Bishop that includes $50 million to immediately begin disposing of national public lands, the Center for Western Priorities released the following statement from Executive Director Jennifer Rokala:

“It seems that Chairman Bishop just can't take a hint. Despite overwhelming evidence that disposing of public lands is both financially irresponsible and politically toxic, Rob Bishop is once again trying to take American lands away from the American people. This time he's asking taxpayers to foot a $50 million bill to ‘immediately’ start giving away America’s natural resources.

“By burying his budget request in a late Friday document dump, Chairman Bishop is admitting he knows his scheme is wildly unpopular, even within his own party. Both President Trump and Interior Secretary Zinke have spoken out clearly against Bishop’s land disposal agenda. This latest attempt to grease the skids for a land giveaway will be similarly dangerous for any Western member of Congress to embrace.”


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