Trump donates first quarter salary to the National Park Service

APRIL 3, 2017

DENVER—In response to today’s announcement that President Trump is donating his first quarter salary to the National Park Service, the Center for Western Priorities released the following statement from Deputy Director Greg Zimmerman:

_“President Trump and Secretary Zinke should be embarrassed by today’s publicity stunt. You can’t propose $1.6 billion in cuts to our public lands, then pretend a $78,000 donation makes it better. The White House needs to protect America’s parks and public lands, not pay lip service to them.”
Aaron Weiss, Media Director
Center for Western Priorities
[email protected]


  • OMG, Really ? You don't have anything better to do with your time, or at least something constructive ?

    They guy simply can't do anything good in some folks eyes. Always gotta be an ulterior motive I guess.

    Mr. Weiss, give it a rest.

  • It's kind of like defending the Jenner/Pepsi ad Marshall. It's being panned for good reason. This really isn't about Trump to me, it's about offensive public relation stunts. Imagine if, last year, Christo had donated $120 to an environmental group based in Howard and grand stranded the event, doing photo ops, printing a check, bringing out BLM representatives...he'd have been rightfully reamed.

    When I saw his 78k donation (before seeing this press release), I spit out my coffee and I immediately wondered how much he'd cut from the dept? Obviously, I wasn't the only one to put this together.

    As someone who has been hired for sincere and justified publicity events for good causes, I support this press release because sometimes you have to just call out bullshit PR stunts—regardless of the perpetrator. Trump, with his inexplicable knack for nailing this kind of thing, should have known better.

  • What a swell guy!
    Who knows? Maybe one day Hal Brown will donate the spare change in his pocket to the RV dump station re-location fund and use his guest opinion slot in the Mountain Mail to celebrate it.

  • Valid point Bill, but at the end of the day, for me anyway, it's a colossal waste of time, effort and energy when it could be put to constructive use, rather than destructive.

    I guess I'm just sick and tired of all the liberal whining. The opposition when Obama got elected didn't riot, burn things, nor spend SO much time and effort trying to run someone into the ground.

    Isn't it about time the idea of "Ok, it's what we have for the next 8 years, for better or worse, perhaps if we got behind the man something good could come from it ?"

    Or should we just revisit the same old stale rhetoric every time President Trump wipes his ass (OMG, the TP came from a company that has John Kerry's wife's 35th cousin 85 times removed as CEO, they own a company in patapakahonduristan that uses infant labor from stem cell embryo babies to produce Michael Jordan's brand of tennis shows that Trump wore in his teens in the high school gym!!, Impeach Trump !!!)

    Ya, tongue in cheek, but some of the whining is just over the top to me, and this fits in nicely. How about Mr. Weiss donating 1/3 of HIS salary, that could start a trend among philanthropic folks, and we'd have funding for the National Parks.. Hell the publicity is built in !! That would be positive.

  • Marshall, I understand your frustration. But, I believe it's not apples to apples. With most every President there was a certain decorum that was respected for a leader. "Grabbing pussies" was a deal breaker for my father, a life-long Republican, and on my first trip to Dallas last month I learned how many Republicans hate Trump. Additionally, there is a kind of journey to the white house that demonstrated at least a modicum of community service for previous Presidents. Obama was a constitutional Professor who came out of working with at risk families in Chicago, Bush actually did serve in the military and came from a political family who has donated millions of dollars, Reagan was a Governor, Hillary's whole life is textbook community service-centric. People's disdain for Trump is rooted in many things, and I'd agree that progressives and left-leaning people are leading the charge and are played up on Fox News. But, if/when Trump turns left (as he has been in the past) because it serves his power needs, insecurities or his ego, it will no longer be "led" by what many people see as liberal whining. To this point, when he no longer serves the house and senate's needs for re-election, how long will Fox News be able to turn away from the Republican disdain for Trump that runs deep in the GOP? Who fights him harder than the freedom caucus or a true Libertarian? While he was elected by many previous Obama voters and because many people believe Hillary is the daughter of Satan, people give Trump hell because he is a rich asshole who is untethered from a moral center, not because they are liberal. Most rational and compassionate conservatives rightfully have the biggest issue with Trump.

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