Reminder of Reading at Book Haven and Workshop May 6th

All welcome at the reading at The Book Haven May 6th at 7:00 p.m. David Hicks, award winning professor, author, editor, from Regis University reads from his new book,"White Plains" joined by Peter Anderson, poet from Crestone, reading from his new book "Heading Home". There are still a few places left in the workshop David will teach all day on Saturday the 6th, for fiction and non-fiction, topic: What a Character! How to Introduce and Develop Your Protagonist, Then Hurl Them into Crisis! To sign up for workshop contact


  • I appreciate today's Letter to the editor in the Mountain Mail regarding Monika Griesenbeck's recent letter on Vandaveer:

    Dear Editor,
    Regarding Monika Griesenbeck’s Vandaveer essay, yes Monika, it is a challenge to explain the ten year history that is the Vandaveer debacle in 500 words or less, however, it is unfortunate you omitted so many facts in your effort to be brief. Any issue can be judged in the court of public opinion and it appears to be easy to sway that opinion with apparent support of this local newspaper. However, the Natural Resource Center Development Corp. issue went through actual mediation and was headed for a court of law --- with real lawyers and judges. Don’t you remember the 159 page legal opinion Salida’s city attorney was tasked by Citizens for Accountable Government majority-council’s council to compile in attempts to support your convoluted history? Don’t you remember the $100,000 plus price tag that came with that legal opinion? Don’t you remember our current council’s flawed attempts to find reason after reason to blow up the NRCDC and finally settled on TABOR? And do you remember the five qualified TABOR attorneys that debunked the council’s convoluted opinion? And finally, do you remember council’s midnight executive session just hours before the court date? The session in which, like frightened children in an eleventh-hour tantrum, council decided to give away the whole 190 acres of our citizen owned Vandaveer property?
    So no Monika, the public should not be gentle with your assessment, they should rely on facts and qualified legal opinion. Given you are running for city council, can we will look for fact based essays from you going forward?

    Kari Mills
    Buena Vista

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