Present a viable option to pit ?

Ok, I got it. for various reasons folks don't want this gravel pit by Holman / ACA. The gravel used to come from a pit in Howard on CR4, but as with most sources, they eventually are depleted. Nobody from Chaffee County seemed to care about the trucks here, few here did either because they didn't really cause a problem, and CR4 is a LOT narrower, twisty and windy than CR 140 in Salida. You got your gravel to sustain your growth, pave the roads for the million dollar trophy homes that seem all the rage these days, and life was good.

We live in a consumptive society, the materials for roads and such has to come from somewhere, and until someone identifies an alternative source for the materials needed for Chaffee's rampant growth, the Holman / ACA pit is going to become a permanent reality.

Has little to do with Frank, or Paul Moltz, wouldn't matter if it was Bill Donovan and Hard Rock paving, the issue here is a gravel with a high clay content. Many in Chaffee seem to want to distract from an issue by making someone or something the "bad guy", which does very little to solve the problem and distracts from the issue.

I get that you don't want dust and trucks on CR 140, I grew up a a rural area that had a sand pit 5 miles down our road, trucks were a daily occurrence, and families worried about their children on the road with the trucks. Certainly not an idyllic setting or a perfect situation, but none the less, the sand was needed, it was profitable to sell it, so business did what it does, and folks dealt with it.

You want to solve this problem ? Fine, instead of putting all your efforts into vilifying folks, find an alternative source for the aggregate and your problem will be solved. Certainly Holman's property can't be the only source for this product.

My 2¢, your mileage may vary

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