Families Displaced/Assistance Needed

On the afternoon of May 2, 2017 the Salida Fire Department was contacted regarding a gas odor at an apartment building located at 108 D Street. During the investigation by the Salida Fire Department, it became evident that there were multiple serious code violations on the premises. Included in those violations were health safety and welfare issues like leaking sewer pipes, exposed electrical wiring, absence of carbon monoxide detectors, ect. In addition, the natural gas supply to the building had been shut off for at least two months, none of the units had a safe heat source, the building has a section of roof that is collapsing, broken windows, as well as an infestation of insects and rodents.

Later in the afternoon on May 2, 2017, Salida Fire Department was joined by Chaffee County Public Health, the Office of Emergency Management and the Chaffee County Building inspector. The Chaffee County building inspector informed the building manager that the 10-unit building had been declared uninhabitable. Eight of the units were occupied by families and the remaining two units were vacant.

The Chaffee County Health Department was able to secure funding to provide for two nights of lodging at a local motel for approximately 36 adults and children, $1,000.00 of the lodging was paid for by the First Presbyterian Church. Financial assistance is needed for the displaced families to secure ongoing housing and other basic provisions. Assistance funds may be deposited at High Country Bank. High Country Bank is located at 7360 West Highway 50 and at 130 West 2nd Street in Salida, Co. Checks should be made payable to: “CCDHS Assistance Fund” and “D-Street Residents” should be written in the memo line.

In addition, there is a need for short-term housing, help with moving personal belongings, or space for families to store personal property until they can secure permanent housing. If you can help with these types of in-kind assistance, please leave a message with staff at Chaffee County Public Health at 719-539-4510.

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