One Salida Needs ALL of Us

Dear Concerned Salidan,

We hope you saw or heard about the Every Door Direct Mailer that One Salida sent to all residences in the City of Salida on Friday. People have appreciated that we are digging for facts and putting the information out there. We are committed to printing only verifiable information available in public records. We are not being slanderous and we are not in any way tied to any candidate's campaign.

We hope to do more mailers or ads shortly. We welcome your comments and suggestions regarding the focus of these. Balancing different points of view is challenging but it's important to hear and consider many points of view as we do this.

What we do depends on what we can afford. So any help you can give on directing contributions to us would be appreciated. They are used strictly for advertising, printing or mailing costs. Contributions can be made either by mail to One Salida, P.O. Box 337, Salida, CO 81201, or by credit card at

Thanks ...

Joe Jordan
for One Salida

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