Stage Left Theatre Costumes: Asks you please return! (but after your Halloween party)

Last week Stage Left Theatre Company invited the public to come yesterday to glean costumes since we are having to get everything out of the basement of the SteamPlant. With the word out on that many artists and concerned citizens have stepped forward to combine efforts (Salida Circus in particular) with Stage Left Theatre to keep all the beautiful costumes together in one (maybe two) spaces in town so these precious pieces which took years to collect can stay available to everyone in the community to borrow or use for performances in the future. We are asking that if anyone has anything that they graciously return it to us after Halloween. They can call Andrea Mossman at 312-607-6916. Also there is talk of raising money to keep our storage unit going with set pieces also for everyone to be able to use. Thank you to everyone out there!

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