PT Wood Mayoral acceptance speech

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Transcript of speech given at Soulcraft Brewery to a packed house:
Thanks to everyone here tonight, to everyone that has helped the campaign, everyone that contributed time, effort, passion, support and conversation, and all the people that have served in city government in the past.

I believe this election has shown that the cloak of divisive politics that dwell on the past has worn thin and it is time for a new blanket, one that we can all gather under and share.

As we start the new council, I look forward to working toward a productive, thoughtful and deliberative city government that will make all citizen’s proud. But I have a challenge for everyone in Salida as well, seek out people that are not in your circle of friends, neighbors that don’t share your point of view, folks you know you disagree with, and have a conversation. In that conversation listen to each other, find common ground, be empathetic, understand that their views are valid. If we can do this we will be on the road to bringing civility and productive discourse to our interactions, lifting us all.

The challenges we face are numerus but not insurmountable and the good news is we have an amazing town, a solid economy, a supportive community, and we live in the most beautiful place on earth.

Thank you for your trust and faith. I ask that if I stray you will correct me and when we have victories you will celebrate with me.
I hope you lift your glass with me and toast to a new day of thoughtful governance for all of Salida, Cheers!

PT Wood, November 7, 2017

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