E Rogers' Council Departure Message

After eight years of working for the city, I have a lot to be grateful for. This position has allowed me the unique privilege of getting to know and work with members of generation X and the millenniums living in our community. You are Salida’s future. I have confidence that you are willing to take on the many challenges lying ahead with enthusiasm and courage. You — young people — are ready to take up the torch, to lead this community wisely — with an inclusive vision.

I want to recognize the members of the city staff— our dedicated workers we are so fortunate to have here in Salida. Without you, this city would not — could not function at the level it does. A huge shout out of thanks to each and every one of OUR city employees — for your unheralded dedication to the important duties, large and small, that make living in Salida so special.

Also I want to recognize Salida’s citizens, both those living within the city boundaries and those who live in rural Chaffee County — and especially those citizens living in the three mile circle surrounding our city. Together, Salida’s citizens’ dedicated service to Salida is huge — your daily contributions, large and small, your commitment to and support of our economy, the thousands of volunteer hours that you donate — YOU, ALL of OUR citizens, have made Salida what it is today. Thank you for allowing me to work on your behalf.

And, I want to thank ALL of the elected officials with whom I have worked these past eight years. Your commitment of time, talent and treasurer has been generous. The learning curve has been vertical for all of us. Our challenges have come in all sizes, tiny and gargantuan. Your commitment to public service is appreciated and to be commended. Thanks — everyone.


  • We are indeed fortunate to have had your expertise, endless hours of service and above all, persistence. Instead of helping to keep everyone on their toes, most would have just given up and put in their time. Your courage and endurance in the face of needless attacks is an inspiration to us all.

    We look forward now to building for the future. Thank you for caring enough to do your best for the City each and every day.

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