Costumes of Stage Left Theatre

Friends of the Theatre,

For those of you who came to the Stage Left costume give-away; thank you for your understanding about our situation. To those of you new to the conversation here’s the skinny: Since the dismantling of Stage Left Theatre, Devon Kasper has graciously been looking for a home and caretaker for the 15 plus year costume collection that we have accumulated. At the time the thought was that there was urgency to vacate the space below the SteamPlant so the community was invited to take the costumes. This climate, however has changed. Andrea and Krista , representing Community Costumes, have volunteered to curate Stage Left’s costumes and care for the extensive collection.

At this time Community Costumes request that all who took costumes out of the basement before Halloween to please bring them back to the SteamPlant. Our goal is to create a community costume collection available for theatrical entities, group parties, special events and any other costume needs.

If you have any costumes, accessories or jewelry you would like to donate we welcome all that you have to give.

If you have any questions please call Andrea at 312-607-6916.
We appreciate your understanding and assistance to help us gather and organize a Community Costume collection that all can enjoy.

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