Personal attack and the Mountain Mail

edited March 2016 in Opinion

I recently sent this letter to the Mtn. Mail editor regarding the "rewriting" of opinion letters.

Dear Editor:

Recently you wrote an editorial about your opinion of personal attack.

In this article, you mention the first amendment and how you “enjoy the ability to offer a voice for everyone and work hard to allow the practice of First Amendment rights”. You also talk about how you have spoken to letter writers that you thought wrote personal attack letters and how you “helped them rewrite in ways that strengthened their opinions”.

I think the help you offered was probably done with good intention and I hope you would do this regardless of the opinion and whether it is in conflict with your own personal beliefs but this is questionable journalism and is using the most popular public forum in a small community to manipulate personal letters. Tell the writers you aren’t going to publish their letters and why but helping them rewrite their point of view allows you to furtively influence public opinion under someone else’s signature.

If you are truly not allowing content and rewriting it, then you are abridging the freedom of speech. Mr. Editor you should you rethink your practices or sign your name to the letter as the co-writer so the readers are aware of your influence.

Rocky Tingler
Salida, CO

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