Where's Your Proof, Jim McCormick?

Once again Jim McCormick makes accusations against Billy Carlisle, flagrantly calling Carlisle a liar.

McCormick claims Carlisle voted, at a Chaffee County Republican Party meeting in 2012, for a resolution asking county commissioners to put on the 2012 ballot an initiative that would stop Chaffee County from giving Salida, Buena Vista and Poncha Springs a portion of county sales tax. Carlisle then, according to McCormick, lied about his vote.

Carlisle says he doesn’t remember his vote on any particular tax sharing measure, but that he actively urged county commissioners not to put such a measure on the ballot. They didn’t. In a meeting around October, 2013, Commissioner Dennis Giese told city council members that Carlisle had worked to keep the measure off the ballot. Commissioner Frank Holman further confirmed Carlisle’s position, as plainly reported in an October 18, 2013 Mountain Mail article.

I attended the Chaffee County Democratic Party meeting on February 14. A number of resolutions were offered and folks were asked for a vote. From my point of view, I sat on my hands and didn’t say anything about anything. Did I vote? Were the votes “unanimous?” I really don’t know. I can’t even remember what all the issues were.

What I do remember is seeing Democratic Chair Forrest Whitman at the meeting. We talked. A week or so later, he penned a February 25 Mountain Mail guest opinion implying that all those involved with the Carlisle–Farney Citizen’s Initiative were “tea partiers.” I say this not to put down the Tea Party – good sausage has many ingredients – but to show Whitman’s willingness to twist or disregard fact. It was surprising to be called a “tea partier,” given our mutual attendance and discussion at the Democrats’ meeting eleven days before.

Carlisle and I differ on many political views. We work together, however, to promote a more accountable city government. Carlisle-Farney opponents throw accusations of “tea party-ism,” “misinformation,” “disinformation,” “innuendos,” etc. without ever offering proof. The psychological concept of “mirroring” comes to mind - that which you perceive (accurately or inaccurately) the other does is that which you do yourself.

The idea of the county not sharing its taxes with Salida can be properly viewed as silly and unfair. Salida subsidizes the SteamPlant, maintains Riverside Park, and provides access and security for county buildings, to the benefit of county residents. A repeal of county tax sharing would need approval of Poncha Springs, Salida and Buena Vista voters. All would be hurt by the repeal. Fat chance it would pass.

Carlisle knows all of this. That’s why he opposed the whole “repeal tax sharing” concept and asked county commissioners to keep the issue off the 2012 ballot.

I’ve made many allegations against city staff, always working to ensure I possess solid evidence that can be produced. McCormick should do the same. Where’s your proof, Mr. McCormick? What evidence do you have to support your disturbing allegations against Billy Carlisle?

At this point, please put up, sir, or please sit down.

Respectfully yours,

Jeff Auxier


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  • Billy Carlisle takes one out of the politician's playbook when he says he "doesn't remember" whether he voted one way or the other when he was the Treasurer of the Chaffee County Republican party. If he were truly against taking tax dollars away from the city and giving them back to the county, surely he could assure us that he voted against doing so? It would be very simple for Billy to tell us yes or no.

    Billy Carlisle could have told us that he voted against such a measure and since it occurred behind closed doors it's likely that none of us would be the wiser. We all understand this. Since the last election when he lost the mayoral spot by a handful of votes, I've wondered why he didn't do just that. And then I realized that it is likely because Billy has a set of morals and lying is generally considered immoral to most of us. So I can respect Billy for not lying to us when he easily could have.

    So we hear that in 2013 Billy lobbied the County Commissioners to vote against the tax measure that would be detrimental to Salida. But that doesn't answer the question about how he voted in 2012. Did he just change his mind? If so, that is understandable. Any reasonably thoughtful citizen (like Jeff A., above) will come to the conclusion that it would have been bad for Salida and the other municipalities. So Billy!...just come clean and tell us.

    Steve Stewart

  • Steven, Are you looking for truth, or looking to denigrate someone with some morals, or just plain dirty politicking?

    It seems the county IS coming back to the citizens for the money they return to the cities because they lack the funds to pay for needed services. Are we not taking from one hand to pay the other?. It was not an implausible idea in that Republican discussion. Was that what was the object of Billy’s vote you were after or was it because he didn’t remember his vote? Hm............I would ask if you remembered all of your votes over the years, but that might be easy since your council rarely voted against Tom’s nod. Mike and sometimes on an occasion Jay voted in opposition.

    Steven, there are real issues to address and not made up ones of no consequence. This one needs to die. There are plenty of lies on video that are worth correcting. Why not look at those on both sides of the isle and put them to rest?

  • VDavis, Whether or not a person lied is of consequence. Mr. Carlisle is asking voters to trust him. How does one trust a person who lied.

  • Keep an eye on the newspaper in the next day or two and you'll see who lied.

  • To lfish, I have always believed in Freedom of Speech but I assume you read the articles about Jim McCormick and Jim Miller so I would hope that you will print an apology to Mr. Carlisle. Seems you were blinded by the lies!

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