The ridiculousness of Mayor LeVecchi creating a website called

I just sent the following letter to Mayor LeVecchi. Please send him one of your own if you agree with me.

Mr Mayor:

I was disappointed to read in the paper that you instructed Ben Kahn to create the website It seems like a clumsy attempt to confuse those who are searching for the already existing If your intent was truly to create a website to "get messages to the community and to use it to receive public comment" you could have chosen any name. This is not a way to win the hearts and trust of this community. This action seems like a blatant attempt to draw attention away from an existing website.

I am concerned that this was a unilateral decision. Was the City Council involved in this decision? Did they approve funds to pay for website development? If this item is not in the current budget, it seems like funds will come from reserves, which is troubling to me. This Council inherited a healthy reserve account, but it seems that at the rate you and the Council are spending on items that are not in our budget, you won't leave that legacy to the next group of elected leaders.

I am also concerned that you have been directing the City Attorney to do work that the Council has not approved. I attended the Council meeting when Ray Kitson and Dara McDonald were removed from the NRCDC board. It appeared to me that you unilaterally asked Ben Kahn to draft the ordinances necessary for those actions without discussing it beforehand with Council. At $175 an hour, I think that you should have the approval of Council before you direct Mr. Kahn to do work at your behest.

Please stop wasting the City's money on frivolous items that are not in our budget and that are not on the publicized list of this Council's priorities. Please spend your energy (and the City's money) on the things that are important to the residents of this city and not pet projects that are divisive.

Paige Judd


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